• Marina Stepanova

To sleep, or not to sleep: that is the question

'I'm just going to put them to sleep and then ...' I say to myself pretty much every evening. The list is endless; I plan to read, write, work on my website, create a workshop, set up online counselling sessions and many other things. You may notice that cleaning and cooking are not on that list. Damn righ they are not; they either get done when the children are awake or they don't get done at all.

Finally, after endless story-telling, singing, having what seems like a hundred sips of water, they are finally asleep. Now, I am also half-asleep and feeling extremely warm and cosy laying between my sweet little monkies. This is where a decision must be made: do I sleep or do I get up and do something productive?

Don't get me wrong, sleep is very important, but I am at the point in my life where I function on four hours of it just as well as I do on eight. Probably even better. The difficulty is to actually get up and go downstairs where all of my dreams are waiting for me.

Six times out of ten I get up and get stuff done. Then there are four times when I say, 'F#@k it, I'm staying in bed'. And I am happy with that. There are times when I have to finish a piece of work for a certain deadline or prepare for a new client. There is no choice then. I just get up, no matter how difficult it is and no matter what time it is.

The moral of the story? The times you decide to get up and take action must exceed the times you decide to stay in bed by at least one. Then you will be moving forward. To make this process easier, you must find something exciting to get up for.

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