• Marina Stepanova

The Most Important Relationship

What is your relationship like with the most important person in your life?

Who might that person be you may wonder. Is it your partner? Your child? One or both of your parents?

Which one of those special people makes your world go round? Have you chosen?

Would you be surprised if I told you that it's none of the above? 'Not even my baby?!' Nope. Not even her.

Pick up a mirror and look at the most important person you have - YOU. Look into your eyes; take notice of your facial expression; pay attention to your features. Take it all in. Appreciate your beauty.

There is only one YOU in this world. The only person that can make you happy. The only person that can take your pain away. The only person that can change your current situation. The only person that would ALWAYS have your back.

So what's your relationship like with yourself?

Is it loving and supportive? Is it abusive and humiliating? Are you smart, creative and beautiful? Or are you a stupid cow?

What words do you say to yourself? Are they words of encouragement?

If you are a mum, remember that your daughter is listening. Your voice will become her voice as she is internalising a lot of what she sees and hears.

You must be nice to yourself for your own sake, but if you cannot for whatever reason, think of those who love you dearly. In their eyes you are absolutely perfect.


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