• Marina Stepanova

Recognise your inner beauty

Inner beauty...what comes to mind when you hear those words? Do you feel inspired thinking about it? Or, on the contrary, deflated and a bit confused?

The truth is that inner beauty is the only thing that matters, because it encompasses every single aspect of you: compassion, empathy, love, kindness, rawness, vulnerability, strength, weakness, pain, joy, intention and many more other wonderful things that you hold within yourself, ready to offer to the world whenever it is required.

Your inner beauty is made of things genetically ingrained as well as all of the stuff you have picked up along the way through your experiences.

The wonderful thing about your inner beauty is that it is ever-evolving; it is your duty to develop, cherish, recognise and celebrate it. How?

A few weeks ago, in my blog 'The importance of being kind to yourself', I talked about 3 things you can do daily to improve your life drastically. They are: positive affirmations, celebrating your success and recognising your inner beauty.

There are quite a few fun ways to acknowledge your inner beauty:

1. Every time you go pass a mirror or any other glass surface, stop and look at your reflection. Give yourself a little wink, or blow a kiss! Whatever takes your fancy :)

2. Give yourself a high five, a hug or a tap on the shoulder to say well done or to simply celebrate your existence. Remember, you are a miracle.

3. Give yourself compliments! Regularly! Out loud if you can.

Doing those three simple things daily would instantly change the way you feel in any given moment.

Feeling a bit down? - Say how effing hot you are!

Bad day? - Why not do a little dance?!

You get the idea. You main job is to look after your mental state. Your physical environment would have no other option but to adjust to it.

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