• Marina Stepanova

Celebrate Your Success!

Every day, a couple of dozen times, my 20-months old daughter Emily celebrates doing a wee on a potty. When I say she celebrates, I mean she CELEBRATES!

She starts with doing a little dance while clapping her hands and shouting proudly to me, 'Mama! I did a wee!' She then points to it with her tiny cute index finger to make sure I know exactly what she is so excited about. I tell her what a clever girl she is. We kiss and clap our hands while jumping up and down together.

It is then time for taking the potty to the bathroom ritual. As I pour the contents down the toilet and put the lid back down, Emily flushes it by pressing on the handle excitedly. After some more clapping and kissing we take the potty back to where it belongs at the moment - the living room.

This has been going on for quite a few weeks now. Emily is just as enthusiastic about this wonderful thing her body can do as she was the very first time it happened. Daniel, however, got involved in all of this a couple of times only. Then it became old news to him.

This story brings me to the topic of this blog: the importance of celebrating your victories, big and small. This also happens to be the second act of kindness that I identified in 'The importance of being kind to yourself' blog. I feel the need to elaborate on this powerful concept a little further.

We don't celebrate enough these days. You accomplish one thing, then swiftly move on to the next, then another one, and another one. The chain is endless. I bet that sometimes you cannot even think of a single thing you have achieved in the last week. It's not because you haven't done anything great, but because you failed to notice and recognise it.

I am not suggesting you celebrate every time you go for a wee (unless you really want to). I am offering you to stop for a minute or two and recognise your wins. It could be anything.

Did you manage to read a page of your favourite book? Did you watch a video on YouTube on the topic of your interest? Did you finally get your hair or nails done? Maybe you made a difficult phone call or cooked a new dish for dinner. The range of things to celebrate is truly vast. Pick one right now and celebrate. How do you do that? Keep reading.

Create a ritual that you can perform anywhere to acknowledge your success. It must be physical and it must be dynamic. Pat yourself on the back, dance around, jump up and down or give yourself a high five. Whatever floats your boat! The more ridiculous and 'out there' it is the better.

Your aim is to shock your brain so that it does not understand what the hell is going on. The more you repeat the action the more your brain would feel the need to start thinking in a different ways and it would just have to create a new script. In other words, a new ritual thrown into your ordinary routine, would make you think in a new way. And when you start thinking different thoughts, you will start taking different kind of action. As a consequence, your results will change as well. All of this would be achieved by a simple act of celebrating your achievements.

So give yourself credit for the job well done. Recognise and accept your greatness. I have never celebrated as much as I do now that I have children. They have taught me how to experience and demonstrate joy. They have truly shown me the value of life. Do not waste another second, celebrate!


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