• Marina Stepanova

A Missing Chapter

There are 9 chapters in my book. I knew there were supposed to be 10. I was not sure why; I just knew. However, I just could not think of anything else of value that I could share with you through the book.

Well, I have a confession to make - I have missed a very important bit out. If you think about it, it was quite an obvious topic to cover. I am talking about self care; about really looking after yourself via connecting to your feelings and emotions on a deeper level.

Saying that, it is also obvious why the subject has completely escaped my mind. My daughter just turned one when I started writing Resourceful Mum. My son was two and a bit. Did I look after myself? Not really.

If you are a mum, you know that self-care is at the bottom of the priority list. It should never be there, but it is. Unless you become aware of how damaging it is to neglect yourself. It is damaging, because you disconnect from your inner world and lose YOU. It will lead to all sorts of trouble. Putting up with being not treated right is one of them. Not going after your dreams is another one. Staying at the job you hate goes on that list too. You get the idea.

Last weekend I attended a brilliant event packed full of amazing information about money and our beliefs about it. I felt completely drained after those two days. I gave it my all and felt empty. So much so that I did not feel like creating any content for my page or elsewhere.

I have been reading and reflecting, asking myself some powerful questions. It turns out that I have been neglecting the topic of self-care, because I didn't want to admit to myself at how little attention I have paid it in the last couple of years.

I am getting to know my boundaries and limitations again. I am getting to know my strength. I am embracing my vulnerability and accepting my inner beauty. As part of it, I am writing the missing chapter of Resourceful Mum: Take the First Step to The Life You Love. Chapter 10 - You First.


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